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Thermal fogging is the process of vaporizing fluid and generating ultra-fine droplets sizing 1-50 µm with thermo-pneumatic energy. The fluid is vaporized and then with its’ contact with cool ambient air, it condenses and forms droplets. Fogging won’t have any soil penetration or unwanted residues therefore it’s more environment friendly than other pesticide application methods. Fogger applications include plant protection, stuck protection, deodorization, decontamination, disinfection, and etc.

In almost every cultivation period, pest control is required in greenhouses. The conventional spraying methods are labor intensive and require a lot of effort. Adding the health problems caused by these sprayers makes them an unpopular option. Besides that, 80% of sprayed liquid washes off of leafs’ surface and drops onto the soil and eventually kills the beneficial micro-organisms in it which deteriorates soil health over time.

For a better understanding of how fogging can reduce the total solution volume to  without reducing the pest control effectiveness, follow through the provided mathematical representation. If we converted one litter of solution to 10 µm sized droplets and spread them evenly on an area of 1 ha, we will have 19,000 droplets per . The pulsFOG equipment have proved to be efficient with 1.5-3 liters per 1000m. A dense layer will also form on the crops preventing the possible fungal growths or leaf miners from harming the plants.

The deposition treatment is specifically useful when using growth retardants, foliage fertilizers and systematic agents. Deposition treatment requires droplets with sizing 10-30 µm. pulsFOG equipment have the advantage of forming an even layer on the crop when 1-30 µm droplets are produced. In case there are horizontal fans available the air circulation will be enough to place stationary foggers at the greenhouse entrance.

esticide fogging is rather effective when we’re dealing with flying insects such as whiteflies, thrips, and leaf miners. Pests, even those residing in inaccessible areas such as lower leaf surfaces, are irritated when exposed to pesticides and therefore will attempt to fly to escape from the exposure. This mass flight will put the pests in contact with lethal doses of air-borne droplets and will end up killing them all. Fumigation is achieved when stable droplets sizing 10 µm are available.

In agriculture, Foggers are the perfect fit to apply pesticides on large or inaccessible areas with the lowest possible amount of pesticide solution and less operational work. Besides pest control, however, it can come in handy during frost nights. For frost control, it can be used to apply an anti-freeze solution to prevent possible harm to crops and economic losses. The formulation is 50% water and 50% anti-freeze instead of insecticides, and the way it’s applied is a lot similar to how pesticides are.  The amount per hectare differs depending on the wind speed on frost nights. The more the wind speed the more anti-freeze application is necessary.

Product Specifications
Empty weight 55kg
Dimensions (length x width x height) 151x  87x 50 cm
Tank 80 litres±2 Stainless steel
Fuel tank capacity 20 litres
 Engine capacity 2000
 Maximum engine output 75 kw (101.6hp)
Fuel consumption 7.61
Flow rate(depending on nozzle size) 30-120
Standard flow rate 60
Droplets size (depending on nozzle size and liquid viscosity) < 25 μm (oil) / < 60 μm (oil/water) / < 150 μm (water)

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